SOCLEEN is a voluntary, non-profit and non-political organization committed to creating cleaner, greener and pollution free environment in and around Vadodara. Deeply concerned about the threat of everincreasing pollution to our environment, we at SOCLEEN strongly believe in interdependence of science, technology, industry, government and voluntary efforts of each and every citizen. When all stakeholders work together, their concerted efforts not only can save our environment from further degradation but also can help restore some of the lost resources. We create public awareness on environmental issues and stimulate positive action; and suggest measures to mitigate environmental degradation and to promote a sustainable healthy eco-system in Vadodara.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision : To make Vadodara one of the best cities of India by promoting cleaner, greener and pollution free environment. At SOCLEEN, we have a dream to restore the pristine glory of Vadodara, and to make it the most desirable option for a healthy and happy urban living. We believe that it can be done, provided we put our shoulders to the wheels of science and technology with grit and determination.

Our Mission : SOCLEEN’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of people of Vadodara, by catalysing the role of citizens, industry and governance towards sustainable development.

History of SOCLEEN

In the past “Sanskarnagari” Vadodara, the abode of the illustrious Gaekwads was the ideal smart city, with its well laid out roads lined with shady trees and greenery all around which presented a perfect picture of a clean and beautiful environment

With the exponential increase in the population and industry, the growth and development of the city has not been sustainable as the infrastructure could not cope with the ever increasing demands.

Considering the deteriorating situation, eminent citizens of Vadodara decided to create a forum under the tutelage of great visionary Late Shri Nanubhai Amin and others to work towards creating a cleaner environment for the present and future citizens of Vadodara.

Thus in the year 1979, (SOCLEEN) The Society for Clean Environment was founded and registered as a trust.

What SOCLEEN does?

The overall objective of SOCLEEN is to explore citizens’ perspectives on the key environment issues of Vadodara and to assess the gap between perceptions and actions by government. Create public awareness on environmental issues and stimulate positive action; and Suggest measures to create a sustainable environment in Bangalore.


  • Organise activities and programs in association with the concerned agencies and citizenswith a view to motivate them fulfil their role in improving the environment.
  • Work to prevent further degradation of the environment due to air, water and noise pollution.
  • Promote solutions based on inputs from leading experts from science and technology that are aimed at creating better environment
  • Work as a cohesive team, support group and pressure group with flexible approach for effective follow up and be a whistle blower as and when required.
  • Create awareness amongst youth and school children about their roles and responsibilities towards making their city clean, green and pollution free
  • Organising goal oriented Annual Seminars on the most relevant issues related to environment by inviting well known experts to deliberate and develop an action plan and follow up.
  • To preserve the ecosystem and Heritage Structures of Vadodara

Join our event & helping us by donating

All donations to SOCLEEN are exempted from Income Tax U/S 80G No. 80G/(26) (105)/2009-2010. Public Charitable Trust Registration Number F-258 (1979). Kindly make your cheques / donations in favour of Society for Clean Environment.